I’m Tara Arnold a certified pediatric/postpartum nurse and Mrs. Oregon America 2013  from Portland, Oregon. I believe the true measure of health is not just the physical assessment of a person. It involves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves. Getting healthy is a journey that strengthens all of these elements.

     I created this blog with a mission to bring practical health knowledge to readers in a modern/relevant way. Posts will cover a variety of current health topics from myself and other professionals passionate about health. I will share personal stories, clinical experiences, topics that inspire me, community events, featured topics from other bloggers, ways you as readers can get involved in the community, and always how to live your healthiest life. I hope you are inspired by this blog’s passion for healthy living and enjoy the insights shared.

Health knowledge is always growing, improving, and updating. Therefore, the blog will feature other professionals speaking about their health passions.  We will never claim to know it all, and always welcome others opinions. If we can inspire and spark a passion in you for healthy living in any form, this blog is already a success.

To see a particular topic covered email me at heartforhealthblog@gmail.com, or comment on a post.  You can also join the fun on “Heart for Health”,  our Facebook page. More pics, stories, and fun health inspired updates are sure to entertain!

In health,

Tara Arnold RN


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