Moving Oregon

More than one in five children are struggling with obesity today. We have an opportunity to make a change! As Mrs. Oregon America 2013, I hosted free healthy kid’s days and health fairs all over the state to promote nutrition and fun fitness. I called our events Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon America 2013. 


In 2014, I am calling my mission “Moving Oregon.” I will be focusing my efforts as Moving Oregon on promoting health to the community through:

  • Event emceeing
  • Blogging
  • Media segments
  • Working on committees
  • Hosting Movin’ It days with local groups

To connect:

Join us me on this journey of changing the lives of youth and families in Oregon.

In health,

Tara Arnold, RN

Mrs. Oregon America 2013


One thought on “Moving Oregon

  1. Hope the event went great Tara!! Have fun making healthier kids!! You know we support you in promoting healthier lifestyles!
    The Daltons

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