Join Tara Arnold, Mr. Oregon 2013, at Oaks Park Saturday September 21st as she kicks off the kids Oktoberfest Kids run. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon for future events. See you … Continue reading

Save The Date

Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon will host it’s next event in Beaverton May 18th at Stoller Middle School from 11-2pm!! Check out this video from out last event at University of Portland. For more Movin’ It updates visit www.movingoregon.org!!! In health, … Continue reading


Martini, Margarita, Manhattan, Merlot, Mai Tai, don’t forget the Moscow Mule. Drinks are fancy, social, tasty, and today so trendy. Most people 21 and over agree having an alcoholic beverage is quite enjoyable. With all these beverage options on the table, lets talk about … Continue reading


Purple fruits and veggies are super foods! Not only full of fiber to fill you up, but they are packed with an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is what gives all purple and blue foods their color. It helps fight against cancer causing agents and prevents cell damage. Purple foods can help … Continue reading