GoodnessKnows, Healthy Grocery Girl, and Portland Bicycle Tours

Goodnessknows bars…my new snack obsession!! These little squares are new to Portland, Denver and Seattle. This month I helped welcome them to the bike capital of our state… Portland.  I took part in a very fun bike excursion with Portland Bicycle Tours around the city hosted by Goodnessknows bars. goodnessknows3Here I am with Megan Roosevelt also know as the fabulous Health Grocery Girl!!! She is a spokes woman for this company and helped plan this fun day.

I am just filling out a safety waiver at Portland Bicycle Tours. Evan, the owner, and the other guys at the shop were so nice to me. They even helped me brainstorm ways to keep my crown safe while we biked so I could wear a helmet. The crown went into a goodnessknows bag I wore on my back and I put it back on at every stop.

Our first stop was to Jones Cupcakes!! Yummm…Megan and I had the carrot cake mini cupcakes. They were delicious with all natural ingredients just like the goodnessknows bars.


My favorite part of the day was when we stopped and had juice. (I totally had helmet hair by this point too!) Now when I say juice I’m not talking about any Treetop or Sobe drinks. No way!  I avoid that stuff because of the high sugar content!!  I am talking about juicing. I tried my first ever juiced beverage full of amazing vitamins, nutrients, and fiber!! I chose the one with beets, carrots, limes, and apples in it. It was so refreshing. Megan, being a dietician, told all of us about the health benefits for each of the ingredients in our drinks.



I also learned about cocoa flavanols which are one of the major benefits to eating a goodnessknows bar.goodnessknows1goodnessknows6

Cheers to yummy healthy Juiced Drinks!!GK6goodnessknows5

We just had to take an iconic Portland pic on the tour. We decided to do a jumping pic in front of the Powell’s Books sign!! I quickly learned jumping with a crown is not the best idea.  They tend to fly off your head. Hahaha 🙂 I started a new hash tag on instagram called #savethecrown!!GK7

Thank you so much Megan Roosevelt and Goodnessknows for hosting this adventurous and tasty event. I had a great time exploring my city via bike, learning about healthy snacks, and trying goodnessknows bars. I will also say that my favorite reasons for eating goodnessknows bars are that they are a snack with NO additives, NO preservatives, and No added sugars. These bars are super tasty and are great fuel for my busy life!! I’m hooked:)

GK8In health, 

Tara Arnold, RN

Mrs. Oregon America 2013


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