Trevor and the Perks of Diabetes

I am honored to announce that I will be emceeing and walking in the Providence Seaside Diabetes 5K/10K Walk/Run, Sunday, April 14.


Click here to sign up for the event and walk with me to hep us fight diabetes on the north coast by participating in Providence Seaside Hospital’s Outpace Diabetes 5K/10K Walk/Run on Sunday, April 14, 2013. With your help, we can improve the health of children and adults who have diabetes and who live in north coast communities. We are working to ensure all people have the education, medical supplies and tools they need to successfully manage their diabetes.

Here is a funny video I found about a teen’s take on having diabetes and why everyone should be a type one diabetic. Trevor Torres is 16. He has eczema and asthma, suffers from sleep deprivation, and is allergic to nuts. But the fun one, Trevor says, is juvenile, or type 1, diabetes. Is he angry about his medical conditions? Frustrated because of the inconveniences and limitations? Not at all. In fact, Trevor is the complete opposite. In the video, Trevor shares four things. He gives two reasons why he’d recommend type 1 diabetes to anyone and two pieces of practical advice for health care providers. So, take five minutes. Get to know Trevor as a patient and as a person. You’ll smile, laugh a couple of times, and perhaps get a fresh perspective on health care.

Trevor and the Perks of Diabetes


In health,

Tara Arnold, RN

Mrs. Oregon America 2013


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