Hispanics and Heart Disease, Stroke

While I was reading through American Heart Association’s website last night I came across a heart wrenching article called Hispanics and Heart Disease, Stroke.  I was so saddened to learn these statistics.

  • “Hispanics and Latinos face even higher risks of cardiovascular diseases because of high blood pressureobesity and diabetes.”
  • “Carrying extra weight is also a key risk factor for Hispanics.  Seventy-five percent of Mexican-American men and 72 percent of women age 20 and older are overweight or obese.”
  • “An estimated 30 percent of adult Hispanics have diabetes, but as many as half don’t realize it. Untreated, diabetes can lead to serious complications, including cardiovascular disease and renal failure.”
  • “We’re seeing diabetes even in children and in much higher proportion than other communities,” Dr. Daviglus said.

What can be done? The article suggests that…

  • “A family history of diabetes can be an important red flag signaling increased risks, but many of the risks for type 2 diabetes can be lowered with lifestyle changes and proper medical care.”
  • Checking your blood pressure regularly is an important first step for understanding your risks.  If it’s high, work with your doctor to create a treatment plan. If it’s normal, be sure to keep checking it a couple times a year.”
  • “You can also lower your risk by maintaining a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet that focuses on fruit and vegetables and avoids excessive salt, Dr. Daviglus said.”
  • “If you do these things and are still unable to control your blood pressure, you will need to consult your physician and follow advice regarding medications to help lower blood pressure,” Dr. Daviglus said.
  •  “Make every effort to make healthy lifestyle changes,” Dr. Daviglus said.  “Family history is important, but even if your parents or other family has diabetes, you can eat right and exercise and not get it.”

Please read the article and share this with your loved ones. The more we know the better we can serve our communities. Invite your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and families with kids to”Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon’s” Free Kick off event January 27th at University of Portland Chiles Center. Let’s Move Oregon’s kids towards better health together!!Movinitwithmrsoregon

In health, 

Tara Arnold, RN

Mrs. Oregon America 2013


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