Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon Kick Off Event

Dear Friends,
I’m beyond excited to share with you what my team of amazing friends and I have been working on since the pageant……
 As Mrs. Oregon America 2013, I have started a non-profit called “Movin’ it with Mrs. Oregon.” I believe that every child deserves to be healthy. Children are our future. As parents, teachers, businesses owners, pageant queens, state leaders, healthcare workers, and other role models for kids it’s our job to teach them about healthy habits! If we all take an active role in educating ourselves, our kids, our families, and our communities we can change the state of health of Oregon children. Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon” is a campaign designed to promote healthy habits in children through fun fitness and nutrition education.
Our FIRST Healthy Kids Day & Health Fair is for kids 1st -5th grade. 
We are partnered with Portland Public School for this event and are reaching out to Portland elementary schools. (Kids from other districts are welcome to attend.)
On January 27th, 2013 at the University of Portland, Chiles Center
from [11am – 1 pm], with other events TBA.


The Fair will include:
o Three 20-min fun exercise blasts to get kids movin’! The exercise sessions will incorporate kid centric fitness activities that are fun and engaging!
o A Book reading from “Elephants Don’t Eat French Fries” by local author and creator of Healthy Grocery Girl, Megan Roosevelt.
o A FREE raffle give away of activity based prizes to excite kids about being active.

o A FREE healthy snack bar showing kids how to make nutritious choices for life.
o Booths from community health sponsors providing information, samples and resources for families looking to create a lasting healthy lifestyle.

More than one in five children are struggling with obesity today. We have an opportunity to make a change! Help us promote our events, healthy eating, and fun fitness by ‘liking’ our Movin’ It with Mrs. Oregon Facebook page, and follow us on this journey as we change the lives of Oregon children.


And don’t forget The public health campaign 5,2,1,0…it will be the foundation of all our events!

5 Fruit and Veggie servings a day.

2 Hours maximum of recreational screen time daily.

1 Hour of exercise a day.

0 Sugary beverages in a day (including soda and juice).

Thank You,

Tara Arnold, RN

Mrs. Oregon America 2013


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