Becoming Mrs.Oregon 2013

Dear friends and family,

I wanted to take this post to share with you my journey to becoming Mrs. Oregon. When I was little I met Mrs. Oregon in Sisters, Oregon.  I remember thinking when I grew up I want to be like her. I wanted to make an impact in my community.

Me having a lemonade sale

In 2011, I ran for Mrs. Oregon, as Mrs. City of Roses. I was so impressed by the internal process that preparing for the pageant allowed me to go through. I was so proud of my self for placing 3rd and winning Mrs. Congeniality.


Over the past year, I have been focusing on growing within myself. Getting to know who I am, and what I stand for.  I started Heart for Health, and really started getting involved in my community.  I learned that promoting positive empowering healthy lifestyle practices was my passion (because who responds to negative health messages?), and took every opportunity to get involved.

Teddy Bear hospitals & healthy drink and snack demonstrations

Zumba benefit at the hospital

Safety town “don’t get poisoned!!”

This weekend I competed as Mrs. Portland with 11 other beautiful, talented, amazing women. I was incredibly humbled and honored by the experience. Hearing about their communities and the great work that each of them have done was so moving.

So heres how the pageant worked: 

1015 am: I had an interview at the Hilton Hotel with a panel of 5 very impressive judges. I was able to talk about why I chose pediatric nursing, family centered care, studying abroad in college, promoting health, setting a healthy example, why the “Let’s Move Campaign” inspired me, and why I wanted to be Mrs. Oregon.

Right before the interview in my room….my knees were a shakin!!!

3pm : “The Glam Squad” (aka my amazing friends Megan and Jen) did my hair and make up.

Not sure how I got so lucky to have friends like these!! They volunteered their days to just hang out with me and prep me!

we may have put a few pieces in for volume:) but don’t tell.

7pm: The show started at the Scottish Rite Center with an opening number. We all wore royal blue dresses.

Me with the beautiful Mrs. City of Roses Nicola

Then it was on to one piece swim suits with sarongs. I wore a white lace/mesh suit from Nordstrom. It’s always scary walking in a swim suit (in heels) in front of so many people. I have learned that it is important to be proud of the body you have in whatever shape it is in. 

Then quick change to evening gown. I wore a gold dress I found online at Nordstrom. I loved that it sparkled so much and the way it moved. When you walk in your gown on stage you have to walk slow and elegant. That was hard because I was so excited. I had to calm myself down and remember to smile and enjoy the moment.

See what I mean:) This pic was taken after I got off stage luckily:)

Next we all changed back in to the interview outfit and top five were named. My name was called 4th, it was so crazy!

Top 5 sat in chairs on stage and we all answered the same question, “Why do you want to be Mrs. Oregon?” My answer in short was,  “As a nurse I feel I can make more impact on my community, in the state, and nation with the help of this title.”

All of us in our interview outfits

Then everyone changed back to evening gowns again. Ancillary prizes were given. I won “best smile” and “Mrs Photogenic.” My roommate (from the night before at the Hilton) and dear friend Shawna won Mrs. Congeniality. ( I totally voted for her!)

Shawna “Mrs. Congeniality”

Finally the moment came and 4th, 3rd, and 2nd runners up were called. Then it was down to two. 

When they announced me as the winner I cried, smiled, laughed, and was shocked. I couldn’t stop saying “Oh my gosh!”

Crowing and they put a necklace on me

It was an incredible night I will never forget! I am now spending the year as your Mrs. Oregon hoping to make you all proud.


At the end of August, I will be heading to Tucson, AZ to compete for Mrs. America! I envite you all to come if you can! (Really I’m Serious!!!)

My supportive family

My supportive family

God bless! He is good, praises to him above all!!

In health, 

Tara Arnold, RN, Mrs. Oregon!!!!





3 thoughts on “Becoming Mrs.Oregon 2013

  1. The beautiful thing about your story is that you are going to meet many little girls this next year that will aspire to be like you and you will be an amazing example to each of them. Keep inspiring and keep passionate, its contagious!

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