Just Don’t Get Hit By A Car

run over Barbie pic from:http:www.sodahead.com

Don’t get hit….

On Halloween kids are twice as likely to get hit by a car than any other night of the year! Kids are very excited (hopped up on sugar) and may be unpredictable.

Remember these tips brought to you by Safe Kids Worldwide:

  1. Use sidewalks.
  2. Look both ways and use your cross walks when crossing the street.
  3. Decorate your costumes with reflective stickers and carry glow sticks or flash lights.
  4. Face paint is a safer option than masks for visibility of trip hazards or cars.
  5. Don’t text message and walk.
  6. Make eye contact with drivers before crossing streets.
  7. Hold the hands of little ones.
  8. Educate before Tick or Treating about safety.

Ayla displaying some fancy face paint with brother Ryder

To drivers on Halloween:

  1. Drive slow.
  2. Do not use phones while driving. (And it’s illegal anyway.)
  3. Be on the lookout for smaller pedestrians.
  4. Remember kids may dart out in the road between cars.
  5. Kids can be unpredictable.

2yr old Will and mom Toni totally 70’s. Carry those little ones and keep a close eye on them!

I want to leave you with this hilarious Pre-Teen One Direction Parody to remind you…..”its not har..arard…. not getting hit by a car!!”

In health,

Tara Arnold, RN

P.S. Don’t forget to brush those teeth really well at the end of night!!


2 thoughts on “Just Don’t Get Hit By A Car

  1. Awesome post Tara! A great reminder for all everyone! Especially for us, since this is our first trick or treating experience with Will!

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