Spice up your Workout

Spice Up Your Workout Routine with Non-Traditional Exercises

By: Jim Rollince (Head of the Creative Writing Department for Gym Source) & Tara Arnold RN

photo credit: Diva den website

Being truly healthy means taking care of both your body and spirit.  Because traditional forms of exercise, such as running and working out on ellipticals and treadmills mainly address your physical needs, it is important to incorporate into your regular routine some non-traditional forms of exercise, such as yoga for your spirit, studio pole dancing , and even aerial yoga just for fun and also as a way to uplift your mood.

Experts, such as the staff of the Mayo Clinic recommend that you vary your workout program so that you won’t get bored and want to quit.  Luckily, today, there are a number of great workout options to choose from that make getting fit fun.

Pole Fitness: For instance, there are now the aforementioned pole-dancing classes, where you can let your inner goddess come out to play. Not only is pole-dancing a fun class, but it is also a very challenging one, as well, that will help you get killer abs, arms and legs. Check out Diva Den Studios in Portland, OR. Diva Den is the largest pole studio in the Northwest. They offer a safe and fun pole curriculum for all skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

pic credit:Diva Den Studio website

 Yoga Fitness: On the other hand, if pole dancing seems a little risqué, you might want to consider one of the many forms of yoga that are being taught today.  From Vinyasa classes, where students are taught to flow from one position to another, to Hatha classes, which asks the practitioner to hold poses for a steady period of time, there are a number of ways to enjoy this ancient practice that originated in India. The best part of yoga is that while all that stretching and balancing are great for the body, the focus on breath and on peaceful thoughts is great for the mind and spirit, as well.

Pic credit:Diva Den Studio website

Aerial Yoga: “Using a fabric aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling, these classes combine aerobic, strength, stretch and yoga movements for an enlightening fitness experience! They help decompress the spine and broaden your range of motion, helping you flow through yoga poses with ease. Inversions help alleviate pain, lengthen your spine and relieve pressure from daily stresses.” (diva den studio website)

Zumba Fitness: classes are also a nice break from typical workouts on ellipticals and treadmills.  If you’re lucky, you will get a firecracker of a teacher who can really show you how to shake your hips like Shakira, and, hey, who knows, you might even be able to show off your new moves on the dance floor the following weekend.

Outdoor Fitness: If you are one of those people who prefer to exercise in the great outdoors, there are also a number of excellent options for you, as well. Simply walking about outside at a brisk pace gives you a dose of needed Vitamin D, fresh air and, often, a new outlook. There is something about being outside, listening to the birds or walking with a dog that can really refresh your brain, as well.

 Hiking:  is another option for those who would prefer to get some outdoor exercise.  Unfortunately, many people aren’t comfortable with walking in remote areas alone, so this enjoyable activity is often overlooked.  Luckily, the Internet has made it possible for like-minded hikers to connect via such sites as Meetup.com.  A quick scroll through Meet up listings usually reveals a number of different hiking groups at many varied levels.

These non-traditional forms of exercise combine well with a more traditional routine of going to the gym or working out on your own home gym equipment.  Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and it will also keep you exercising regularly.

In health,

Jim Rollince & Tara Arnold RN


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